13 March 2018


Relationship is designed to facilitate Morgan Olson’s assembly, production, sales and after-sales servicing of Karsan vehicles...


NEW YORK –  Executives from Karsan, one of Europe’s most recognized and most experienced  manufacturers of commercial vehicles, and Morgan Olson, an industry leader in business transportation, recently met at Morgan Olson’s headquarters in Sturgis, MI, to further the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by both companies last year.


The signed MoU established a strategic alliance allowing for the assembly, production, sales and post-sales servicing of Karsan vehicles specifically designed for the North American market.

The visit to Morgan Olson in Michigan was a follow-up to Morgan Olson’s visit to Karsan’s facilities in Turkey last year. 
“Karsan has a unique skill set and vast experience in addressing complex transportation issues, particularly in urban sectors,” says Karsan’s Business Development Director Levent Erdoğan. “This latest visit with the Morgan Olson team furthers our belief that this joint approach to meeting the specific needs of select clients creates one of the industry’s most innovative and effective partnerships.” 


John Poindexter, the Chairman of the Board of J.B. Poindexter & Co., owners of Morgan Olson noted last year that; “We were genuinely impressed by Karsan’s facilities in Turkey and the unique skill-set they bring to transportation. Our team had the opportunity to meet with Karsan’s leadership, and it became evident to us that the ability to meld our respective company’s joint expertise would create a partnership unlike any other in our industry.”


Erdoğan added; “Prospects of teaming with a strategic partner as capable and respected as Morgan Olson is a major step in Karsan’s ability to leverage our unique expertise with a North American partner”.


Karsan is currently beginning the process of evaluating the business potential for different vehicles with Morgan Olson, and has recently introduced its first ‘Buy America’ compliant vehicle.