At Karsan USA, we are committed to bringing the latest innovations in automotive design to mass transportation systems throughout North and South America. We strive not only to maintain the excellent reputation of our parent company, Karsan, but to introduce its quality products and services to new markets that can greatly benefit from our proven, affordable and environmentally-friendly vehicles.    

We are dedicated to working with public and private partners to develop customized, sustainable solutions to meet their mass transportation needs. Karsan USA provides a full range of services, from design and engineering to manufacturing and sales. And while we work to broaden our reach into new markets, we remain committed to creating value for our customers, along with contributing unique products and strategies to the nation’s diverse mass transportation systems.

Through our recently singed Memorandum of Understanding with Morgan Olson, one of our industry’s most respected organizations, we look forward to leveraging Karsan’s more than five decades of expertise, with Morgan Olson’s own vast experience in the industry. 

Thank you for visiting us, and learning more about how we look to deliver the latest technological advancements and cost-effective solutions for mass transportation systems in the U.S. and beyond. 


William Wachtel

President – Karsan USA