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Most Comfortable Journeys

STAR fully meets the needs for tourism, shuttle and inter-city transportation with its eye-catching features such as passenger capacity up to 31 people, wide and comfortable knee distances and various lay-out alternatives through floor rail system.

Superior Luggage Volume
STAR is a class-leading vehicle with its coach-like high luggage compartment capacity that provides up to 4,25 m3volume.

Fuel Economy and Efficient Performance
STAR has a powerful and environmental friendly EuroV -EEV engine which provides great fuel economy. Both comfortable journeys and high performance are guaranteed with its silent and hard-working engine.

Robotised Power
STAR is differentiated and noticed with its transmission alternatives. STAR is a class-leading vehicle with its robotised transmission option, which offers maximised driving pleasure and fuel efficiency.

Wide Equipment Range
STAR is a unique vehicle with its rich optional features. Multimedia functions, trip computer, Foldable LCD Screen, Wi-Fi connection, stylish overhead service set and ESP are just some examples of the wide equipment range.

31 seated + 1 hostess + driver OR 27 seated + 1 hostess + driver

While the vehicles layout are being re-engineered according to US standards and needs, they are currently produced as: 26 ft


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