V1 Project


Karsan USA is introducing the Karsan Concept V1 platform to the North American market in an effort to satisfy a global demand for an innovative vehicular transportation technology. Initially developed in response to New York’s Taxi of Tomorrow tender, Concept V1 is a highly accessible vehicle designed to facilitate and enhance transportation for mobility-impaired individuals.

Concept V1 offers both commercial and private vehicle models, which include factory-built accessibility features, contemporary designs and ample interior space. Concept V1 enables easy boarding for passangers with wheelchairs due to its low-floor structure, wide-angle doors opening at 90 degrees, and a dual-sided, automated ramp that provides direct access into the passanger area from the curb on either side. The vehicles are also compatible with alternative powertrain options (gasoline, diesel, EV, CNG) and provide optimum fuel consumption and minimal repair costs. 

While the vehicles layout are being re-engineered according to US standards and needs, they are currently produced as: 16 ft


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