History of Karsan USA



Karsan USA is the U.S. affiliate of the Turkish automotive manufacturer, Karsan Automotive. Since its launch in 1966, Karsan has been producing commercial vehicles in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Bursa, Turkey. Besides producing for its own brand, Karsan recently established a new business partnership for mass production, distribution and sales of light commercial vehicles with Hyundai Motor Company. Karsan, a global leader in the contract-based production of light and heavy commercial vehicles, has produced more than 113 thousand vehicles during its nearly half a century of operations from shuttles and coaches to articulated transit buses.

In its pursuit of “Limitless Transportation Solutions” vision, Karsan established Karsan USA in 2008. Karsan USA is an innovator and strives to revolutionize mass transportation with vehicles and buses that are better in fuel efficiency, more accessible and environmentally friendly than those of its competitors. As Karsan USA continues to further its impact, the company endeavors to offer forward-thinking products at affordable prices to government agencies and other mass transportation service providers.


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